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Doll clothes – start sewing

Pandemia changed our lives and the way we spend time. For me, probably the same as for many of you, it left me with space to do things which I always wanted to do, but couldn’t find time for them. One of the things I really love doing is sewing clothes for me, the other thing is doll making. Moreover I’m a huge fan of „Project Runway”, so when we add all of that together there comes my newest big love: designing and making doll clothes.

doll clothes

In this paragraph I’m going to tell you how it all started for me. Firstly, I’ve been searching for fashionable doll clothes for my dolls, but there is really little choice. Although you can find some dresses, but really few sweatshirts, pants, hoodies, rufled skirts. What is more, not all fit the size of my dolls. Then, I started sewing and making designs for them. I thought I could make patterns and tutorials to share with others too. That’s how I started learning how to use graphic design software. I’m constantly searching for new software to make better patterns, and it looks like I’ve finally found an interesting one. I’m learning how to use it.

sewing doll clothes

There are a lot of sketches in my notebook for new doll clothes. I really enjoy the process and I’m curious where it can take me. For now, my dolls have a lot of new outfits created to try out new patterns. My tutorials are easy to follow with photos for each step and instructions. Moreover, I think it can be a good start when you want to start sewing. Doll clothes are great for it, because you need only some fabric and basic sewing skills. And who knows maybe you fall for it and start sewing for yourself or your love ones.

My tutorials are available in my etsy shop feel free to browse them and maybe you will find something nice. I’m trying to add new patterns and tutorials every week.

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