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Welcome to my world! Thanks for coming by , I’m happy to show you around. Lalulamdoll is a workshop which creates natural, organic waldorf dolls which are ready to become kids best friends. They are made for hugging, loving and accompanying kids in growing up. They are also perfect for keeping child’s secrets. The organic waldorf dolls are unique, because we have never created two identical dolls, and we will never do it!

I make all my dolls myself. In other words, I spend hours to form each doll and I use only the best quality materials. The wool comes from a sheep farm in Polish mountains. They are soft and ready to hug. The wool itself has some amazing qualities which make the material for stuffing incomparable to anything.

The body and face is sewn using durable skin like material from Switzerland or Holland. I make hair using sheep or alpaca wool, but some dolls have natural “human like” hair which are wefted from angora goats or suri alpaca hair. They are incredibly soft and look amazing.

All of my dolls are waldorf inspired dolls but some have simple faces and bodies – they are designed for younger children to play, and some are more art dolls and they are dedicated for older children or adult collectors.

Above all, all the materials are natural, organic and really wonderful in touch. Therefore your little love ones can experience the joy of sensing natural, well made toys.

You can read more about one of my recent dolls here

You can buy my dolls in my etsy shop here

organic waldorf dolls