waldorf doll tutorial

Hello! If you want to start doll making adventure you came to a great place. Here you can learn about waldorf dolls and if you’d like to make your own I’ve prepared a waldorf doll tutorial which is very detailed, step by step ebook for beginners. It’s easy to follow and you’ll be able to make 10 inch doll like the one at photos below.

doll making step bye step tutorial

What can you learn from my waldorf doll tutorial?

First of all – what kind of dolls are called waldorf dolls and what do you need to make one. In the waldorf doll tutorial I show you all the materials you need and also how to work with them.

What tutorials are there?

how to work with doll skin fabric,
how to properly cut the pattern,
how to machine sew body parts,
how to work with sheep wool,
how to stuff doll’s body – rolling technique,
how to make doll’s head,
how to make a nose,
how to sew the arms to the body,
how to sew the head to the body,
how to make the crochet cup,
how to make the wig and fix it to the head,
how to make a hand slip stitch,
how to embroider doll’s eyes and mouth.

What kind of doll are you going to make?

About 25 cm or 10 inch doll with classic waldorf doll face, hands attached to the body (torso with legs), similar to the one in the photo below.

What exactly is there in my waldorf doll tutorial?

There are six parts, 40 pages, more than 60 photos and a pattern for about 10 inch waldorf doll. There is also additional pattern for mermaid doll.

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