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Waldorfdolls of instagram – my top 5

waldorfdolls of instagram

Instagram, as we all know, means first of all beautiful pictures, but it is also wonderful source of inspiration, and even knowledge – with all what’s on instastories. Here you will find my top five waldorfdolls of instagram which I love observing, of course it is subjective and there are many more great instagramers I follow.


I admire bamboletta for lovely dolls, but above all for her business developed around dolls. The dolls sell instantly and bamboletta has the most wonderful community. They also have bambolettalove serie with pics sent by their clients during play. The series is so cute that I feel I must warn you, though.


There you will find beautiful dolls in very original style, but the most amazing are the clothes. The details are just amazing. In addition, I advise you to check Lisa Press’s blog where she has a lot of tutorials for sewing doll clothes.


The dolls profile, but not only sewn but also embroidered or drawn, all amazingly beautiful. I find them very poetic and enchanting, better see for yourself.


There are dolls, bears and other soft toys – all look like they always have a lot of fun. I love their such dynamic photos.


She’s my dollmaking guru. Her dolls look like cute but naughty kids which are up to something. I’ve admired Maria’s talent for a few years now, because what she can do with wool is astonishing. Above all, the dolls look like real children, their facial features are unbelievable. I’m just in awe, and with every doll I can’t believe how it is even possible.

Obviously there are many more incredible waldorfdoll makers of instagram who are pure inspiration. I encourage you to follow all waldorfdolls of instagram profiles and show them your appreciation by leaving hearts and comments.

Here you will find my instagram profile and I would be very happy if we meet there.

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