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Waldorf art doll

Waldorf art doll is a waldorf inspired doll which has evolved so much that now she is completely new species. What do they have in common? Both classical waldorf doll and art dolls are made using natural materials, mostly sheep wool and special kind of skin fabric. However the difference is in techniques used to make them. Waldorf art doll involves sculpting to make her face and often also the whole body. The technique of sculpting is more advanced and takes much more time to make.

waldorf art doll

Today I want to introduce to you the doll which I’ve made using my newest pattern. While making her I used all of the materials and techniques which I really like. First of all the face and body where needle felted. The face has individual facial features. The doll has a round belly, bum and legs with visible knees. What’s more? – look at her feet – I love details like that!

waldorf art doll

Waldorf art doll should have natural hair, and my doll has suri alpaca hair. The hair is really soft and of beautiful dark chocolate natural color. I wefted the hair on a long tape and then sewed it to the head.

artystyczna lalka waldorfska

The doll is 22cm or about 9 inch tall. She is slim and firm in feeling. Her head slightly moves, although she doesn’t have wire armature inside.

The doll is into fashion because she’s wearing overalls and a strap bag. She has eco leather slippers on her feet.

The doll is well made and it is possible to buy her in my etsy shop here

You can read more about my doll making process here

needle sculpted doll legs

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